High Quality Products

Precision Industries, Inc. manufactures high quality stampings, welded assemblies, precision component sub-assemblies, and industrial tooling. Precision's customers include automotive, power tool, and electronics sectors, as well as many others.

Products Manufactured by Precision Industries, Inc.

Products manufactured at Precision Industries, span a wide variety of industries. Some of these include Automotive: seatbelt, airbag, and other safety components; Small hand tool: saw-bases for radial saws, tracking box for belt sanders; Electronics and Business Machines Sectors: parts for copiers, printers, electric panels, and various other industries.

When you partner with Precision Industries, you are partnering with the highest quality of product manufacturing services available in the market today. As a partner, your company can rest peacefully knowing that all of your products will arrive on time and built in strict accordance with your specifications.

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